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Special Nutrition Programme in Sundargarh District

Free Distribution of Spirulina Chikki and Sugar Granules and Ragi Laddu

• Spirulina Sugar – (07 Months to 2 Years) covering total 38518 children

• Spirulina Chikki (2 years to 6 years) covering 99434 Children

• So total beneficiaries under Spirulina programme covering both Spirulina Sugar and Chikki – 137952

• Spirulina Chikki is also provided for the nutrition of Children and Adolescents (2 Years to 18 Years) staying at Child Care Institutions (CCI)

• Total 537 beneficiaries are getting Spirulina at CCIs • Ragi Laddu is distributed for nutrition of children aged 3-6 years through Anganwadi Centres

• Ragi Laddu beneficiaries in the district total are 63,000 children.

A Study on Impact of Spirulina The nutritional well being of a population is both an outcome and an indicator of national development. Thus the achievement of long term national goals depends upon it. Based on this objective, DMF Sundargarh has been supporting number of nutrition programme for children. One of the programmes is consumption of Spirulina fortified chikki and sugar granules by children in Anganwadis to address any micronutrient deficiency in children. The district administration, with financial support from District Mineral Foundation (DMF), Sundargarh introduced the initiative on 15th August 2020 on a pilot phase in Lephripara block.

During the pilot phase , a baseline and endline survey was conducted within a period of six months to measure the growth and development of targeted children. The sample of around 1000 numbers of beneficiaries were taken in to account with measurement of parameters like weight, height and mid upper arm circumference. Similarly a random sample of 100 children between age group 3-6 years were taken to study the Haemoglobin levels. At the end of the study improvement in all the parameters of the target children were recorded. Apart from the same most of the children were free from ILI/SARI/Fever. The parents also report improvement in the general health and well being of the children. Children who were irritable and had lack of concentration in feeding, playing and other activities had developed concentration. Children who were irritable and had lack of concentration in feeding, playing and other activities later developed concentration. The district administration is also in the process of conducting a systematic and scientific study on the impact of Spirulina in the growth and nutrition of children across the geography of the district keeping in reference other such studies nationally and globally.


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